Webometric’s Ranking

Ishik University ranked 1st among Kurdistan’s private universities in the webometric ranking of Jan – 2018.

The office of President is there for extending its congratulations to everyone in the Ishik family.

We further want to take the chance to thank each and every one of the members of the Ishik Family for the hard work and efforts you put in day in and day out, without which this success would not have been possible. Hence, the ownership of this success belongs to you.


  •   1st                 Among the Private Universities.                                                             ( 1 )
  •   4th                Among all of the Kurdistan Universities.                                              ( 1 )
  •   12th              Among all Iraq Universities.                                                                    ( 7 )
  •   6049th         World Rank.                                                                                   ( 3239 )


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