Visiting High schools in Duhok

A deputation from Ishik University paid a visit to Duhok city. Mr. Omer Akar, Director of media and publishing, and Mr. Wisam Abdulaziz, Director of HR, visited five high schools and Nawroz University. The aim of the visit was to introduce Ishik University to the students.

They visited five private and typical High school in Duhok. They were welcomed by the school directors. The school directors appreciate their visit to their schools. Our staff presented presentation in the schools to show them the role and effect of education in Kurdistan region. They encouraged the students to continue on the path of education and science in order to secure a brighter future for themselves and our community.

The visited schools were Bizhara Typical School, Duhok Bahradaran College, Kawa Preparatory College, Duhok Ishik Boys and Duhok Ishik Girls. The delegation presented Ishik university gift to each school. In the second day, they visited Nawroz University and welcomed by Academic Vice President. It was a great opportunity for both universities to make their relations stronger. Since Ishik University has a serious of International Conferences and programs, they invited the presidency and academic staff of Nawroz University to attend the scientific events at Ishik University.

Their visit last for two days. It’s in the plan of Ishik to visit all the universities in Kurdistan, to cooperate with each other as one team.



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