Unfamiliar disease, then A SUCCESFUL story

Each year, thousands of babies born with unfamiliar disease from across the world. Binayi Ahmad was one of the patients in Kurdistan. On November 09, 2017 Students Deanery of Ishik University organized a tremendous seminar for Miss. Binayi to tell us about her story.

Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, President and Head of Board of Trustees welcomed Binayi Ahmed in his office and presented her the Appreciation plaque of Ishik University to this brave girl who passed through all barriers and inhumane manners she has faced during her childhood.

Binayi Ahmed started the seminar by telling her story. She was born in Sulaymaniah, 1996. She has a rare disease which is called Fish scales (Ichthyosis Vulgaris), so many people thought that she is burned. she grew up facing difficulty with the community, but even with all of walls she could be one of the most active girls in Kurdistan, she is making campaigns for helping people who are in need. She has come over all the community difficulties. she asked students to make more effort for their goals, do volunteering activities, help people who are in need and she further encouraged all participants to always try and be optimistic about the obstacles they face in their lives because all of us can reach what we are dreaming for.

Ishik University’s door will be always open for every brave, strong and brave individuals to share their experiences with our family.

We wishes best of success and luck to our lovely Binayi.


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Prepared by : Hawraz.H

Edited by: Baban.J

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