TPDTP is Wrapped Up

During November 2018 – February 2019 a series of seminars and workshops were conducted as part of the Teacher Professional Development Training Program (TPDTP). TPDTP was designed to: further develop the competence of teaching staff at Tishk International University; promote best practices in the teaching process; stimulate effective strategies for student learning; and enhance research productivity and outputs.

The topics presented included: modern interactive pedagogy (presented by Dr Basil Qahtan), effective academic writing (Dr. Cagri Mart), use of modern technology (Dr Venera Ulker), classroom management (Behjet Celik), assessment methods (Dr Bayan Salim), academic English proficiency (Dr. Sameerah T. Saeed) and management skills (Dr. Fatih Cura).

The Teacher Professional Development Training Program was initiated by the Quality Assurance (QA) Unit and led by Dr Sameerah T. Saeed, Director of QA, as part of the unit’s plan to promote quality and professionalism at Tishk International University.

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