Sultan printing and publishing press issuing a magazine under name of creatives (ALMOBDE’OON), the management committee of the magazine looks for organizations, institutions and private universities, under the supervision of the MHE of Iraq in order to select the creative works, studying systems that serve the science in a better way and then informing the concerned parties. After their visit to TIU, they published a report on our university showing the differences, invention, supporting students that can be found in this university, mentioning all the international accredited certificates that TIU have been achieved.

As an Honor to Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, Head of Board of Trustees and Acting President of TIU a plaque of creativity and differences has been presented to him. Indeed, in recent years, TIU achieved significant developments in education and management, gaining international organizations accreditation, applying the successful education systems, opening postgraduate studies in cooperation with public universities and opening some new departments in the university.

According to the last international webometric ranking, TIU got the first place among the private universities in Iraq. The presented appreciation plaque will encourage us to be continued on the success path.

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