Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, President of TIU, and Dr. Sultan Ourabi, Member of board of trustees, visited the Russian Federation. Dr. Bashir Abbas, a Lecturer from Moscow University, accompanied the Tishk International University delegation during their visit to the (highly ranked) Penza State University.

Penza State University is a modern university, developing at a fast pace, yet retaining its time-honored traditions. It is a comprehensive university, educating economists, lawyers, teachers, doctors, engineers, administrators, and researchers. Being the biggest university in the region; it attracts the most talented students and teaching staff. Out of 22, 000 students studying at the university now, many will reach the top in their professional career. 1800 students (mostly foreign) currently study at the university medical institute.

The TIU president, Dr. Idris Hadi and the Tishk delegation were warmly welcomed by associate professor Aleksandr Guliakov, Rector of Penza State University, on October 08, 2019.

Dr. Idris Hadi and Dr. Sultan Ourabi had a fruitful meeting with Dr. Aleksandr Guliakov, Rector of Penza State University and several vice presidents and faculty Deans. Both sides agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU). The MoU includes student exchange and the exchange of research materials, publications and information. It also provides for joint conferences and academic programs, joint degree programs, joint research activities and publications. Additionally, it will promote the future exchange of academic and non-academic staff members. The participants of the meeting discussed various aspect of future cooperation, such as scholarship opportunities in the areas of pharmacy, dentistry and economics.

Both presidents directed their international relation offices to initiate knowledge and information exchange programs while creating opportunities for further, mutual, approaches aimed at promoting academic, cultural, and scientific engagement.

In the end, Dr. Idris Hadi gave a plaque of appreciation to the president of Penza State University and thanked him warmly for his generous hospitality.

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