Tishk International University (TIU) delegation team consists of Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, President of TIU, and Dr. Sultan Ourabi, Member of board of trustees, visited the Russian federation. Dr. Bashir Abbas, a Lecturer from Moscow University, as well escorted the TIU Delegation to visit several high ranked universities in Russia. The team visited the following universities of Lomonsov Moscow State University, Financial University, Sechenov University, Higher School of Economics National Research University on October 10-12, 2019.

In a serious of meetings with the presidency teams of the Russian universities, the future scientific relations, collaborations and memorandum of understanding in the fields of student exchange staff exchange, Joint conference, seminar and joint master programs were discussed.

Lomonsov Moscow State University is the first Russian University founded in 1755 on the initiative of Mikhail Lomonosov, an outstanding scientist of the Enlightenment, whose unsettled encyclopedic mind and energy gave the inner impetus to the project. Today, the emphasis is on advancing the applied science: new materials, genetics, biomedicine, pharmaceutics, cognitive sciences, ecology, and information technologies.

On October 11, 2019 evening, Dr. Idris Hadi and Dr. Sultan participated in the Moscow State University festival of 2019 in the presence of the minister of higher education and Moscow State university president and USA consulate.

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