Twenty five years ago, an International Conference on Population & Development, ICPD held in Cairo, Egypt, with the participation of 179 world leaders aimed to help women, impower and promote their access to a better reproductive health services.

Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, Head of Board of Trustees and Acting President, and Dr. Wasfi Kahwachi, Admin. & Vice President were invited to participate in a the seminar commemorating the 25 years of ICPD. On 28 July 2019, under the patronage and attendance of His Excellency, Dr. Qusay Al-Suhail, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Iraqi Statistical Association, in collaboration with UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), hosted a seminar on the 25 years of ICPD, in presence of UNFPA Regional Director for the Arab States, Dr. Luay Shabaneh.

The most important findings from the research papers submitted were the decrease of infant and child under five mortalities, the decrease in the fertility rate from 7 to 3.6. The papers acknowledged the major steps taken in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq which put further restrictions on polygamy and suspended the use Iraqi’s Penal Code’s article 111 regarding “honor” killings.

Later, on the evening Dr. Idris Hadi visited ISA to meet Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq Head of ISA regarding holding a joint conference between (ISA, TIU, UNFPA and RAFIDAIN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE). A committee created for the preparation of the conference.

In the next day, Dr. Idris  has met both Dr. Qusay Al-Suhail, Ministry of Higher Education and Dr. Noori Sabah Al- Dulaimi, Minister of Planning. He gave a brief about TIU, mentioning the success of TIU in the recent years including all the accreditations, qualifications and certifications.

TIU is working hard with its qualified academic staff to present a better quality of education in this region.



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