“Thanks to Martyrs” Program!

Ishik University organized the 5th commemoration of Thanks to Martyrs which has been held on February 28, 2018, in Saad Abdullah Hall. In order to commemorate those who had been martyred by chemical bombing in Halabja, Anfal, uprising, and the recent terrorist group of ISIS.

The aim of the program was to show loyalty and gratitude to the martyr’s family for what they have been through and remember the breviary of our martyrs and peshmarga’s to the new generation. Our students and people should honor their sacrifice and what they did for this country.

One of the main points of the program was that most activities are done by our students including stage decoration, art exhibition, outside decoration, documentary video, and most of the songs and music.

The program started with an opening speech by Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, Head of Board of Trustees of Ishik University and then speech of Representative of Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal affairs Mr. Berevan Hamdi and lastly speech of Vice Erbil Governor Mr. Tahir Abdullah.

Students of Ishik University has performed a National anthem song with some other activities such as Daf and Nay performance. Moreover, a documentary video about Martyr’s life has been made by Ishik University students. The program ended with inviting families to the stage and honoring them with giving a plaque.

Finally, we as Ishik University appreciate the efforts our students put into this event.  We are proud of them and believe that they will bring greatness to our lovely Kurdistan.We also appreciate our both sponsors, Haji Idris Surchi and Rudaw TV.


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