SPE Workshop

A workshop presented by Society of Petroleum Engineers- Erbil Section (SPE) in the Department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering at Ishik University on November 14, 2018.

The workshop is a part of SPE program called Distinguished Lecturer (DL), where each year, SPE selects a group of professionals, nominated by their peers, to share their knowledge and expertise with SPE members through visits to local sections.

This year the DL is Dr. Cosan Ayan and his topic entitled (Reservoir and Fluid Characterization with Formation Testers: Reducing Asset Uncertainties). Dr. Ayan is a former Reservoir Engineering Advisor for Schlumberger.

The workshop started at 9:30 AM and finished at 12:00. It included two sessions with a break in-between. During and after both sessions, many warm and valuable discussions between the presenter and the guests happened about the presentation and the related issues.

Guests from inside our university (including our students) and from outside, especially from some oil companies, attended the workshop. The dense presence of guests revealed the importance of the event and the valuable scientific material which was presented.

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