Scientific Field Trip for students of Medical Analysis Department

As part of the Departmental activity and the efforts to enhance the students’ experiences, the Medical Analysis Department at Ishik University has organised an outstanding scientific field trip to Rizgari Teaching Hospital in Erbil on 2nd February 2018. Dr Honer O. Ismail, the lecturer of Biophysics at the Department, and Dr Ibrahim H. Yaseen, the Head of the Department, have supervised the students, managed and coordinated the trip; as well as Dr Ali Omer, who has contributed to the planning and supporting the procedures.

Further to the deep insight into the cutting-edge technologies and techniques in the field of biomedical and biophysical sciences at Ishik University, from this scientific trip, the students of the Medical Analysis Dept. have had a practical hands-on of the medical instruments that were already been given as a theory part of the Departmental Academic Curriculum. Several machines were efficiently covered in this trip, including MRI, CT-scan, Endoscopy and X-ray instruments. The Department of Medical Analysis Department is one of the community-supportive yet advances the knowledge in the joint fields between the health-care bodies, bringing the science from bench to clinic.

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