Dear Students,

Welcome to the Faculty of Science at Ishik University where we are devoted to becoming the comparison in interdisciplinary scientific education, research, and discovery for the county, the nation, and the world. It is amazing dealing with Science!

Science is the fundamental key to modernism and inventions. Science behind many devices and technologies, at times might be indistinguishable, is having an impeccable influence on sustainability, quality of life, and healthy environments. Science is the spine of modernization in all other sciences, technology, arts, business, engineering and education. As the National Science Foundation advertises, Science is where “discoveries begin!”

The Faculty of Science at Ishik University is determined for; Quality in research, teaching and service, Improving diversity, encouraging coordination among alumni, faculty, staff and undergraduates.

Corporations are important to accomplish our mission of “Building leaders in Science!” Our accomplishment is eventually determined by the achievements of our alumni. The Faculty of Science is dedicated to seeing ALL students and alumni of our great university scientifically trained, regardless of their future career routes.

The most up-to-date innovations in teaching and learning are utilized by our award-winning faculty to encourage students to search for the maximum point of accomplishment and exploration with new approaches and thoughts.

As the Dean of Faculty of Science, I am determined to see our community of alumni, faculty, staff and undergraduates prosper in research, teaching and service, and take pride in excellence in everything we do. I look forward to recruiting outstanding diverse faculty who will improve our research outline, fortify our graduate programs in terms of their quality, quantity and diversity, mentor and integrate research and learning experiences for our undergraduates at all levels. Quality in work, respect for variety, and distinguished citizenship are our prospects.

Building partnerships with our alumni and friends in business, industry and government to;

  • growth research funding,
  • supply futuristic research and learning resources, and
  • set up  professorships and partnerships,

is an important urgency for us. We are obliged to our benefactors and supporters of Science.

We provide practical learning to educate problem solvers and bring up upcoming science leaders. Our essential and applied research lays a foundation for future inventions, economic development, start-up companies, and address global challenges related to sustainability, health and security. We welcome students, staff and faculty from ishik, other cities within Iraq, and from all other countries.

Please come experience, discover, find out and accomplish at College of Science! I hope that you’ll read in detail our Web site to gain knowledge of more about our outstanding leanings, educational programs and to get to know our undergraduates, faculty and alumni.

Please browse our website and find out more about the challenges and opportunities that await you in the College of Science. We hope to meet you soon.


Dr. Khaled V.