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Make Up Exams Student List and Schedule

-1st Grade students who missed the Midterm Examinations should join missed examinations according to that schedule if they provide legal Doctor Reports. -There is no excuse for repeated exams. Repeated exams will not be repeated. -2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade students can join repeated Midterm Examinations if and only if they had 2 exams in one day. To download the …

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Accreditation Process: Course Learning Outcomes Matrices

IT Department started accreditation process with ZeVA which is certified by Europe countries. Accreditation is long term process which needs hard and concentrated work on approving quality of education in IT Department. During accreditation process all staff of the IT Department is involved to do related tasks. This workshop was organized by Rasha Al-Kabbani to produce 3 matrices which evaluates Course Learning Outcomes match with course syllabuses. 

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