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Accreditation Process: Program Learning Outcomes match with Syllabuses

IT Department started accreditation process with ZeVA which is certified by Europe countries. Accreditation is long term process which needs hard and concentrated work on approving quality of education in IT Department. During accreditation process all staff of the IT Department is involved to do related tasks. This workshop was organized by Rasha Al-Kabbani to revise Program (Department) Learning Outcomes match with course syllabuses. 

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1st Grade Orientation Day-3: Edmodo

Accepted 1st grade students of IT Department continue to attend third day of orientation days named “”. Workshop was organized by Bilal Ahmed and assistants. The purpose of workshop was to introduce and to teach students how to use Edmodo online education system. The workshop covered following:  how to open Edmodo account  how to join courses on Edmodo  how to get news of the department  …

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1st Grade Orientation Day-2: Student system ‘’

Accepted 1st grade students of IT Department continue to attend second day of orientation days named “”. Workshop was organized by Bilal Ahmed and assistants. The purpose of workshop was to introduce and to teach students how to use ‘’ student information system. The workshop covered all aspects of the system usage by systems during their education years in Ishik University. 

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1st Grade Orientation Day-1: Curriculum

Accepted 1st grade students of IT Department attend seminar in first day of orientation days named “Curriculum of IT Department”. Speech and presentation were done by Head of IT Department Savriddin Khalilov and were organized by assistants. The purpose of the seminar was to introduce students curriculum if the IT Department in general aspects. Students get full information about consequences, prerequisites and importance of courses during education years at IT Department. 

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