Author :Thamir Mohammed Ahmed

Abstract:  The vertical lift gate shaft is installed across the dam tunnel to regulate the flow rate passing toward the downstream side to satisfy the water demand in addition to the power generation requirements. The flow through the shaft is mostly divided into two parts, over and below the gate, and as a result, two forces will be created, vertically ,downward and upward on both top and bottom gate surfaces. The difference between these forces produces so-called hydrodynamic force or hydraulic downpull force which has a vital effect on gate operation, so that in the case of negative values, this force will prevent the closure of the gate. The downpull force influences by many parameters, however, the geometry of gate is considered as one of the most common effective factor that influence the values and behavior of downpull force. In present study, physical hydraulic model is used to assess the effects of different rounded gate lip shapes on downpull force with respect to different gate opening ratios. The variation of bottom pressure coefficient along the gate surface has also been studied and the results are discussed.

JOURNAL:  EAJSE For full article please click HERE.

Author: Zakariya A. Zakariya A. Hussein & Mehmet Ozdemir & Cemal Cakez

Abstract:  The radiation dose affects health when it causes changes in the cells of the human body. The risk of harmful health effects generally increases with the amount of radiation absorbed. In this work, the annual internal radiation doses have been measured in seven building for Ishik University in Erbil city, using active technique (survey radiation dosimeter) during two seasons winter and spring. The highest average values of exposure radiation dose were found in dentistry faculties for winter season (0.699 ± 0.09 µSv/h) and lowest values were found in Student dormitory (boys) for summer season (0.109± 0.05 µSv/h). The highest average exposure radiation dose was found in the basement floor for all buildings compare with the ground, first, second and third floors. The rate radiation dose in different type rooms depended on the ventilation rate, leakage dose and age of building. The annual exposure dose was considered as the main factor to assessment risks of that leakage on the health of workers and student.

JOURNAL:  Zanco Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences For full article please click HERE.

Author: Makera M Aziz & Dena Rafaa Ahmed & Banar Fareed Ibrahim

Abstract:   Soil pH plays an important role in many chemical and biochemical processes in soil, including adsorption and desorption of the ions, nutrient transformations, and nutrients’ availability to plants. This paper suggested method to determine the PH of the soil by using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). The database that suggested for this neural network, store the value of the soil colour (RGB) and the PH value of each sample. The neural network that has been designed depended on secondary data that have been already collected by some of the researchers in 2014.

JOURNAL: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering For full article please click HERE.

Author: Thamir Mohammed Ahmed

Abstract:   The concrete dam is one of the most important hydraulic infrastructures which play a vital role in providing a wide range of water services and helps prevent many potential disasters such as floods. The concrete dam subjected to many kinds of static and hydrodynamic forces which almost needs taking into account of design under different circumstances to satisfy the safety requirements. The shape of dam is pertinent to the stability of dam regarding the major forces and stresses. One of the most common ways which is necessary to solve the problems in design due to the cases of unsafely for any mode of failures is to add mass to the dam upstream face. In this work, a parametric study is made to investigate the effects of the increase in the base of dam on the principal and shear stresses developed in the dam. In all cases, all the relevant factors of safety are satisfied. The stability analysis for all possible modes of failures is carried out to check the performance of the initial section of dam due several loading conditions. Parameters of importance are studied, discussed and conclusions are drawn.

JOURNAL: Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering For full article please click HERE.

Author: Bayan S. Al-Nu’man

Abstract:   This study intends to analyze and design existing RC frames, of different concrete compressive strengths when extended by adding more floors to the existing buildings. It may be decided whether a strengthening scheme is feasible or not.In this work, analyses are made of 3 buildings of 14-stories with different compressive strengths in the first 6-floor columns for each building, extended to 16-stories frame by adding 2 stories of Normal weight concrete (NWC) or Steel.A case study is selected which is an existing RC buildings, and the owner requested 2 additional floors. It is assumed that the foundation system is capable of carrying the additional floors. First the capacity of the superstructures must be known, by using data obtained from the previous designs of the existing buildings.After extending the building by NWC or Steel, by using STAAD-pro, it has been shown that a considerable portion of the total number of columns in the superstructure of the existing building couldn’t carry the new loads due to the additional 2 floors, so in order to add two additional floors, strengthening scheme must be planned for the columns which require additional capacity.

JOURNAL: Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering For full article please click HERE.

Authors: Musa M.Ameen & Bilal Ahmed & Muhammed Anwar & Payam M.Hussein

Abstract:  One of the main areas in computer vision is automatic face recognition which deals with detecting human face autonomously. Developments and the progress in the field of face recognition have shown that many face recognition systems and applications the automated methods outperform humans. The conventional Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) is used in face recognition where they provide high performances. However, this performance can be improved further by transforming the input into different domains before applying SIFT algorithm. Hence, we apply Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) or Gabor Wavelet Transform (GWT) at the input face images, which provides denser and extra information to be used by the conventional SIFT algorithm. Matching scores of SIFT from each subimage is fused before making final decision. Simulations show that the proposed approaches based on wavelet transforms using SIFT provides very high performance compared to the conventional algorithm.

JOURNAL: Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering For full article please click HERE.

Authors: Mehmet Ozdemir & Rasha Alkabbanie

Abstract:   The paper examines the role of social media in creating environmental awareness, responsibilities or issues of among young generation (especially Higher education students). The authors attempted to determine whether there are present and how can be developed environmental awareness or issues behavior on social networking sites like Facebook. The campaign was designed based on a practical model and implemented in a case study of 3rd grade of computer engineering department in Ishik University. The Social media platform (Facebook) formed the technological foundation of the campaign. Throughout the campaign prepared information about environmental awareness or responsibilities documentation was distributed by means of these Facebook to selected students in the case study. Issues related to environmental management as well as suggested strategies to deal with them was also communicated to the target students. In order to determine the growth of awareness related to environmental issues and to get feedback on the campaign benefits and problems, two surveys were applied before and after implementation process. Massages (campaign prepared information) were posted at regular periods (one mouth) throughout the Facebook. The findings revealed that Social Media was found to be ineffective method of raising the environmental awareness among the higher education students in Kurdistan.

JOURNAL: Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering For full article please click HERE.

Authors: Volkan Cicek & Mehmet Ozdemir & Allen W. Apblett

Abstract:  In this investigation, synthesis and characterization of environmentally friendly metallo-organic corrosion inhibitors for protection of mild steel and certain aluminum alloys are being sought to replace hexavalent chromium based corrosion inhibitors. For this reason, several corrosion inhibiting species such as benzilic acid and metal oxyanions were combined in a single compound with the general formula, (M)x(benzilicacid)y(M′aOb)z. First group of such compounds were synthesized in a similar study of the first author reported in another study with the title of “Synthesis and Characterization of Salts and Esters of Hydroxy Acids as Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel and Aluminum Alloys” and this work aims to build on the success of those compounds since theoretically, there is no reason why benzilates cannot be good replacements for α-hydroxy acids such as gluconates. Additionally, benzilates are less soluble in general than hydroxyl acids, which could result in a corrosion inhibiting compound with an optimum window of solubility. Practical results have mostly proven the hypothesized advantages of benzilates correct and yielded that certain salts and esters of benzilates can be suitable corrosion inhibitors for certain metals and their alloys.

JOURNALInternational Journal of Chemistry For full article please click HERE.

Author: Volkan Cicek

Abstract:  In this investigation, first, substrate coupons of commonly used alloys of Aluminum, which are 2024, 6061 and 7075 alloys, were immersed in solutions of inhibitors such as gluconate esters having the formula of (M)x(hydroxyacid)y(M‘aOb)z combining constituents that are already known for high inhibition efficiencies such as hydroxyacids and metal oxyanions. Among other inhibitor solutions used were benzilate esters, gluconate salts, zinc carboxylates, etc. Secondly, after immersions of the mild steel coupons in inhibitors solutions of varying concentrations for different periods of time, they were characterized by means of various surface techniques such as FT-IR, X-Ray, SEM, XPS and digital imaging. As a result of use of these characterization techniques, it is decided whether protective layers of inhibitor compounds are formed on the substrate surfaces due to immersions in the solutions of the inhibitor compounds similar to those of conversion coatings. The results have proven individual consequences for each inhibitor tried and are described in detail herein the paper, which assisted in the assessment of aqueous corrosion inhibition mechanisms of mild steel by oxyanion esters of α-hydroxy acids and their salts.

JOURNAL: American Chemical Science Journal For full article please click HERE.

Authors: Volkan Cicek & Mehmet Ozdemir

Abstract:  In this investigation, aqueous immersion solutions of novel environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors that are used to inhibit corrosion of mild steel substrate surfaces in corrosive media are characterized since immersion solutions are indicators of the extent of corrosion, which can even be observed visually in a qualitative manner, e.g. salt solutions of gluconate salts remained clear throughout the immersion of mild steel coupons, while the salt solution in which the control coupon was immersed, changed its color from clear to dark brown indicating the presence of corrosion products of iron. On the other hand, the color of salt solutions of molybdenum esters of gluconate salts changed from clear to yellow and the salt solution of vanadium ester of potassium benzilate changed color from clear to light yellow indicating some corrosion was taking place. In addition to visual observations revealing the extent of corrosion qualitatively, the pH, conductivity and oxidation-reduction potential of the immersion solutions were measured with respective probes prior to and after the immersions and relevant conclusion made extensively to propose the chemical mechanisms with regards to the inhibitors used for corrosion inhibition of mild steel alloy. Inhibitors used were previously synthesized by the author as replacements for carcinogenic hexavalent chromium inhibitors. Syntheses and characterization studies of the novel environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors, the results of weight-loss tests performed to obtain the inhibition efficiencies of these inhibitors and characterization studies of the substrate surfaces immersed in aqueous inhibitor solutions by means of different surface techniques such as FT-IR, X-Ray, SEM, XPS and digital imaging were reported in author’s various work elsewhere in the literature.

JOURNAL: International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) For full article please click HERE.

Authors: Orhan Tuğ & Mutlay Doğan &Abdullah Kurudirek

Abstract:  We generalize some sequence spaces from single to double, we study some topological properties of these double sequence spaces by using ideal convergence, difference sequence spaces, and an Orlicz function in 2-normed spaces, and we give some results related to these sequence spaces.

JOURNAL: ISRN Mathematical Analysis For full article please click HERE.

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