Dear candidates,

In your initial step in post graduate studies you will take a qualification exam for master programs. We wish you a successful exam and we want to see you with us.

We want to inform you on some issues about the qualification exam.

Please follow the instructions below for a healthy exam.

1 – Candidates are required to be in the examination place before 9:00 AM. The exam will take place in dentistry building. You can ask to security personnel in the main gate for guidance.

2 – Please bring your Official Identification Cards. The identification cards can be any of passport, ID Card, Iraqi Nationality ID, or Iqama Cards. Any ID cards except these will not be accepted.

3 – In exam building there will be an information desk for you, in the entrance. Please visit this information desk for your exam place and temporary ID card for exam before 9:15 AM.

4 – After you get informed about your exam place please take your place in the exam room.

5 – Please do not bring your mobile devices and cell phones into the exam building.

6 – The university will provide pens and papers for you during the exam, so that you do not need to bring these items.

7 – No calculators and other electronic devices are allowed during the exam except for the candidates that will attend to Civil Engineering Master Qualification Exam.

8 – No documents, books, or booklets, etc are allowed into the exam building.

9 – Once the exam starts, it is not allowed to have a break until the end of exam hence, candidates should satisfy their needs before the exam.

10 – The candidates can finalize their exam and leave the classroom 30 minutes later than the exam start time.

11 – No questions are allowed to ask to the invigilators.

We wish you the best.

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