Quality Assurance E-system Launched Successfully

The Quality Assurance unit launched its electronic system, and for this purpose a workshop was organized on 5th June, 2018. The aim of the workshop was to train the staff (mainly deans and heads of departments) and guide them through the required procedures. The system was constructed in coordination with the IT service unit at the University and it can be accessed through this link https://www.ishik.edu.iq/esystem/

The workshop included the following subjects:

* Objectives of the e-system

* Components of the e-system

* Operation of the e-system

The Quality Assurance e-system forms a fundamental tool to facilitate the process of compiling data and evidences and as such it replaces the strenuous paper-based system followed previously. The workshop was presented by Dr. Sameerah Saeed, Director of Quality Assurance and Omar Ismail, Web Developer. The whole system was elaborated in detail and all necessary handouts and forms were shared.

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