Ishik University participated in organizing a Symposium !

Ishik University and Ishik University Research Center in partnership and collaboration of ECHO organization has participated in organizing the Youth Empowerment Symposium. This is based on the latest research outcomes from researchers at Ishik University Research Center particularly Dr. Karzan Mohammad who researched the role of depression in cancer provoking and progression. The symposium aimed to empower the youth through encouraging them and support them to use their potential in building their capacities and enlighten their future.

The event launched by an opening speech and remarkable talk of his Excellency Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, Chairman of Board of Trustees and Acting President of Ishik University, followed by speeches of other universities. Then after, latest results of researches on cancer have been released by CHRO project in coordination with ISHIK University research center.

The symposium included three keynote speakers who shared their experiences. The speakers were chosen public figures namely ( Dr. Othman Halabjayi, Mr. Abdulrahman Sadiq, Abdulsalam Madani). Their talks put too much energy to the symposium and motivated the audience significantly.

Finally, a panel session has been led by Dr. Adam Bedar the host of the event included questions from the audiences to the main speakers and the answers. It is worth to mention that the symposium attracted 1600 attendees who were eager to attend and listen to the outstanding talks of speakers. Nevertheless, the symposium also included short videos of life success stories of 10 young personalities along with soft classical music sections.

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