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Public and Media Relations Unit provides maximum support for  administrative and academic units of the university. The office is responsible for introduction of the university and media marketing. The service scale is quite large: it is extended from publishing to advertisement.


-Organizing public relations and media services inside and outside of university.-Introducing the university campus for guests.

-Providing protocol service for all organizations.

-Organizing introductory visits and activities to high-schools which are inside or outside of Erbil

-Organizing all kinds of activities and organizations, providing presenters for those activities if necessary, and preparing and distributing all kinds of brochures, activity booklets, and announcements for corresponding activity or organization.

-Updating introductory CDs and brochures of Ishik University and keeping them to deliver anywhere it is needed.

-Preparing newspaper announcements and sending wreath or flower to any event.

-Preparing New Year calendar and deliveries and spread them.

-Taking photo and camera in every event, keeping them and sending to the corresponding unit and departments.

-Producing and organizing such projects that show organizational identification and goals of Ishik University

-Following press every day and keeping information that are about Ishik University, Ministry of Higher Education, and other universities, and informing top management about that news.

-Preparing press releases for academic, scientific, social, cultural, sportive…etc. activities that are organized every year in Ishik University.

-Participating in convenient fairs for university and preparing required equipment for those fairs.

-Organizing PR archive and documentation affairs.


Organized activities, marketing activities, preparing any information as documentation, form, list, approval, announcement, report, plan, investigation, analysis, and verbal information to inform the General Secretariat about a task that is done under his/her supervision and authority.