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First Grade Final Exam Schedule


Grade/ClassCourseExam HallDate/DayTime1stBiophysics,                                                      Turkish I301,307,310, 31228/02/2019 Thursday10:00AM   02:00 PM1stPharmaceutical Calculations301,307,310, 3122/3/2019 Saturday10:00AM1stKurdology301,307,310, 3123/3/2019 Sunday(3:00)PM1stGeneral chemistry Theory+Lab301,307,310, 3126/03/2019 Wednesday(1:30 PM)1stBiostatistics & Maths301,307,310, 31207/03/2019 Thursday10:00AM1stMedical Terminology301,307,310, 31209/03/2019 Saturday10:00AM1stAdvanced English301,307,310, 31210/03/2019 Sunday03:00PM

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Stress Management by Dr. Tara Fuad


Stress can affect people of all ages, genders, and circumstances and can lead to both physical and psychological health issues. By definition, stress is any uncomfortable "emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes."  The aim of the seminar was to help students to control examination and college's stress. It was prepared and presented by Dr. Tara Fuad Who studied Ph.D. in environmental Electrochemistry in Malaysia. During the seminar, she explained how she learned controlling stress during studying Ph.D. abroad, in order to encourage students to be successful in their career. Although Dr. Tara is a very busy person [...]

Stress Management by Dr. Tara Fuad2019-02-13T09:06:42+02:00

Pharmacy Charity Team: Visiting HANA Autism Center


At the beginning of the new academic year 2018-2019, a community service project was given to the pharmacy department by the dean of students. The aim of this project is to help autism patients. At first,  a charity team was created and consisted of staff and students interested in charity work. After that, on 18/12/2018, the group visited Hana autism center, there, a brief explanation of the autism and the center was given by Mrs. Zagros, The manager of the center, and a tour was made inside the center to meet the patients. the students were very happy participating in this project. Visiting the center was [...]

Pharmacy Charity Team: Visiting HANA Autism Center2019-05-19T09:39:15+02:00

Exam Schedules for First & Second Grades


Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Grade/Class Course Exam Hall Date/Day Time 1st General Chemistry Theory & Lab 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 12/01/2019 Saturday 13:30 1st Pharmaceutical Calculations Theory 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 14/01/2019 Monday 13:30 1st Biophysics Theory & Lab 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 15/01/2019 Tuesday 13:30 1st Advanced English 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 16/01/2019 Wednesday 13:30 1st Foundation English,                         Turkish 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 17/01/2019 Thursday 10:00AM 1st Biostatistics 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 19/01/2019  Saturday 13:30 1st Medical Terminology 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 20/01/2019 Sunday 13:30 1st Kurdology 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 21/01/2019 Monday 13:30 Faculty of  Pharmacy Department of  Pharmacy Grade/Class Course Exam Hall Date/Day Time 2nd Physical Pharmacy 301,303,305,306,308,310, 312 12/01/2019 Saturday 10:00AM [...]

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Welcome ceremony & Orientation program by Dean of Students


Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at Ishik University is established with the purpose of supporting the students’ socio-cultural and sports activities. The Office strives to find solutions for their academic problems and to contribute to the students’ self-improvement by coordinating relevant academic and administrative units in order to attain these goals. The Office tries to establish a bridge between university administration and the students by decreasing bureaucratic processes by responding to the problems at first hand. On November 18, 2018, and December 17, 2018, a Welcome Ceremony was organized for Pharmacy Students second stage, and first stage respectively. The extracurricular activities was [...]

Welcome ceremony & Orientation program by Dean of Students2018-12-23T14:13:05+02:00

Daily Campus Life: Learning Distillation Process in Chemistry Lab


Distillation is a process of separating the component or substances from a liquid mixture by evaporating and condensation or to purify an impure liquid. To separate a mixture of liquids, the liquid can be heated to force components, which have different boiling points. Details on how to  do the process, its mechanism, and its uses were explained by the supervisor ( Prof. Dr. Faiq Hussain and Research assistant Kovan Dlawer and Ali Omar)    

Daily Campus Life: Learning Distillation Process in Chemistry Lab2018-10-21T12:45:59+02:00

Opening Ceremony Of Faculty of Pharmacy


On 25th June 2018, an opening ceremony was organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy. The ceremony has started by cutting the ribbon by Dr.Idrees Hadi (Head of the board of trustees), Dr.Yousif Goran (Minister of Higher Education), Dr. Saleem Saeed Zangana ( Head of Kurdistan Board), other governmental & political representatives and some general consulates honorable ministers participated in the ceremony. During the ceremony, Dr.Idrees Hadi gave a speech and promised to work hard to develop pharmacy faculty in order to become a pioneer in the field of pharmacy. Within a few months, Faculty of Pharmacy has come along way and we [...]

Opening Ceremony Of Faculty of Pharmacy2018-10-28T09:00:10+02:00