For helping newly joined lecturers to acclimate themselves to Ishik University and to understand how they can fit into the University Teaching – Learning System, an On-boarding Program for the new academic was held starting from October 24, 18 and finishing on November 05, 2018 at the university campus.

Topics that are presented to the participants, were: Welcome to Ishik University!, The Vision and Mission of Ishik University, Preparing Course Syllabus and Course Material  , Getting started with your class and PIS System, Overview of QA process and procedures at Ishik, QA e-system, Research Activities , Publication and Incentives , Human Resources Procedure, Dean of Students and Events , Introduction to IT Services and Facilities , Website facilities , Library Support and E-Library , Basics of ISO 9001 , Structure of Ishik , Academic Advising and Office Hours.

The program aims to provide an introduction about the structure and the culture of Ishik University and to familiarize the milestones of the university educational system. Also, the program gave the newly joined staff a sense of belonging to Ishik University team.

We, as Ishik University, are glad to have them join our team and we wish them all success in their new career.

Welcome aboard!


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