Mercy Corner Project

On December 20, 2018, Dean of Students finalized the Mercy Corner Project by delivering the collected donations for the Hassan Sham Camp, which there are 1200 IDPs families living in there that most of them from Mosul. The amount of the donations estimated to be around 40,000 $ which we prepared a package for each family includes (men cloth, women cloth, toys, 5 kg of rice, two bottles of oil, lentils, shoes, blanket, diaper, socks, two types of kids clothes, baby clothes). We prepared 700 packages which we could cover 700 families of the camp.

Our objective is to help people in need, especially the refugees. Our target for this year is Hassan Sham camp which needs help desperately in education and health. We are trying to provide both of them. We want to raise awareness in the field of helping in need and the values of helping someone.

The Project plan was as below:

On 15 October we started the first meeting to set the organizing committee to manage the project which all of them were our students as below:

Hassan Wishyar- Operation Manager

Hazhar Peshawa- Categorizing Manager

Suraiya Muhammed-Store Manager

Mahmood Fadhel- Main Building Responsible

Muhammed Salam- Education Building Responsible

Miran Abdulla- Dentistry Building Responsible

Sivar Sardar- Logistic Manager

Darya Tahir, Reem Muhammed- Design Team

Doski Ramazan, Roksana Hazahr, Bayad Sarwar, Saro Aram- Media Team

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