Ishik University celebrated the Mawlid…

As all of you know we are in the holy month of Mawlid, the month which Islamic prophet Muhammed was born in it. Muslims from all around the world will honor the birth of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUM), who comes to the humanity as a guidance and a leadership. Kurdish people practices this occasion on their own way, which they will beautify their own houses, bazaars with and distributing sweets and candy between them.

On December 5, 2017 Dean of Students organized a memorial event for the Mawlid, inviting all of the Students and staff of Ishik University.

The event started by reading some verses from the holy Qur’an with one of the Law Student Ali Maysar, then a devotional song that portrays Muhammad has sung by young singer Balen Kamal.

In the last session of the event Dr. Othman Halabjayi, Islamic Scholar, presented a seminar about the life, attitude and ethics of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) among people, which he sacrificed all of his life to teach us how to respect each other and live together in a peaceful way. He mentioned that scientists are the closest one to their God, referring for being a strong relation between the Sciences and verses of the Qur’an.

Finally, Dr. Idris Hadi, Head of Board of Trustees and President presented his thanksgiving to Dr. Othman for participating and being together with the students and guiding them to understand the importance of education and science in the view of our religion.

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Prepared by : Sarhang Osman

Edited by : Baban. J

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