Top students honoring

Law department has a willing to stay in top by hard work (social and science) activities. Our target is student encourage them by knowledge and build social bridge between us.

On the other hand, law department organized on Thursday 1-11-2018 at 11:00 am in hall (401) respectful ceremony to top students by grades for (first grade, second grade, and third grade) and granting them our respect and encourage them and to be sample to other students for this academic year.


1- Mina Qahtan Abdulqadr

2- Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim

3- Ramy Yousif Karam


1- Dalya Maki Sadiq

2- Salman Dlawer Mahmood

3- Danar Ardalan Ahmed


1- Shams Emad Shawkat

2- Harmi James Ishaq

3- Mahmood Hamza Khasro

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