Workshop About Making Effective Paraphrasing

On Thursday 4-Jan-2018 Law Department in room 321 at 4 :00 pm we presented workshop. The presenter
( Mr. Mustafa Bingol ),To paraphrase is to say the same thing in another way, using your own words. We can successfully paraphrase by using a combination of techniques.

There are several technics we can use in order to make effective paraphrasing. Some of them are; change from a clause to a phrase (or vice versa), change from quoted speech to indirect speech (or vice versa), change from active voice to passive voice (or vice versa), change to synonyms, change word forms.

Ineffective paraphrasing, is viewed as plagiarism. Instances of plagiarism, even if they are punishable or punished according to university internal regulation, can be appealed to court and the decision might be changed.

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