Workshop About ( Developing Critical Thinking Ability )

On Thursday 4-Jan-2018 Law Department in room 321 at 3 :00 pm we presented workshop.
The presenter ( Mr. Mustafa Bingol ), Thinking is the foundation of everything we do.
Every action, every solution, and every decision we make is the result of thinking.

We’re thinking all the time. Critical thinking is thinking but in a different way. What are critical thinking skills? They include the ability to: make observations, be curious, asking relevant questions and finding the resources you need, challenge and examine beliefs, assumptions, and opinions against facts, recognize and define problems, assess the validity of statements and arguments.

make wise decisions and find valid solutions, understand logic and logical argument. In terms of critical thinking skills, a problem is defined as a question or situation that calls for a solution. That means when you are faced with a problem, you must take action or make decisions that will lead to resolution of that problem.


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