Departmental Activities

A Visit to IBSU Via Exchange Staff Program

In the frame of exchange staff program Mr. Mustafa Bingol paid a visit to the International Black sea University during the first week of the March, 2019. He has delivered several seminars to the students. Apart from this he made several discussion with the Rector, Dean of Education Faculty and academic staff pertaining to enhance collaboration between two universities (TIU …

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Iftar for Alumni

Law Faculty organized an Iftar program for its graduate students at university cafeteria on 21 of May. The iftar gathered 2017 and 2018 alumni. Dr. Adnan Abdulla and the lecturers hosted and welcomed the students. During the event students met their classmates talked about old days. All of them were happy and thanked to Dr. Adnan for inviting them such …

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Annual memory of bulletin (Shayan)

Annual memory of bulletin (Shayan) in the day of (25-4-2019) in law department at 11:00 am in hall 401 with and the president of Tishk international university attended with several lecturers and dean, students and guests. In this day illustrated many issues of the importance of bulletin and newspaper and the takes this issue to improve the quality of education …

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Paid a visit to the Orphanage

Law faculty’s students and lecturers paid a visit to the orphanage on 21st of February. Our bus reached the orphanage at around 11:00 a.m. The director of the orphanage gave us brief information about the system and circumstances. The system and living spaces are quite good. Apart from this their many opportunities that make children active. There was a huge …

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