Departmental Activities

Paid a visit to the Orphanage

Law faculty’s students and lecturers paid a visit to the orphanage on 21st of February. Our bus reached the orphanage at around 11:00 a.m. The director of the orphanage gave us brief information about the system and circumstances. The system and living spaces are quite good. Apart from this their many opportunities that make children active. There was a huge …

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According to the last achievement from law department and after all efforts we obtained on the academic accreditation from Arabic universities unit. For this issue Tishk university hold a big dinner in (Dafarmo) restaurant in Thursday (10/1/2019) at 7: 00 pm. for all law department staff and those who helped law department to obtain this accreditation for law department. 2018. …

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Accreditation Certificate Awarding Ceremony

In January 10, 2019, Tishk International University celebrated the Accreditation Certificate Awarding for Law Department. The certificate was issued as a result of the evaluation conducted by the Experts Panel of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center of AArU (The Association of Arab Universities) on the Law Bachelor Degree Program of Tishk International University. The celebration ceremony started with a …

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Appreciation from Law Faculty to the Dr. Sarkawt Soliman

Dr. Sarkawt Soliman (a Lectruer at Salahddin University) gave a book to the Faculty of Law at our university. In appreciation of this scientific gift, Dr. Adnan Abdullah (Dean Law Faculty) presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Sarkawt Soliman on Tuesday 8/1/2019 in his office. It is noteworthy that Dr. Sarkawt Soliman is a distinguished author in the field of law …

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Visiting elderly home

The duty of our college to build new generation by science and humanity. On 20-12-2018 the students of ishik university / law department under the supervision of the lecturer dr. imad Fattah they (visited elderly home) by contribution their feelings with help them by spending few hours with them .to contact with our humanity by showing what we have to …

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