Departmental Activities

Appreciation from Law Faculty to the Dr. Sarkawt Soliman

Dr. Sarkawt Soliman (a Lectruer at Salahddin University) gave a book to the Faculty of Law at our university. In appreciation of this scientific gift, Dr. Adnan Abdullah (Dean Law Faculty) presented a certificate of appreciation to Dr. Sarkawt Soliman on Tuesday 8/1/2019 in his office. It is noteworthy that Dr. Sarkawt Soliman is a distinguished author in the field of law …

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Visiting elderly home

The duty of our college to build new generation by science and humanity. On 20-12-2018 the students of ishik university / law department under the supervision of the lecturer dr. imad Fattah they (visited elderly home) by contribution their feelings with help them by spending few hours with them .to contact with our humanity by showing what we have to …

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Collecting helping to help immigrants people

Law department has several activities to contact with communities inside university and outside for this reason we are following all circumstances in Kurdistan and world to contribution our side with them. On Wednesday 12-5-2018 at 9:00 am law department with other colleges in ishikuniversity hold social activity to collect helping to help immigrant’s people by selling foods and drinks to …

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happy dinner between the staff

According to the law department activities for academic year 2018-2019 law department held dinner for all stuff in abo shahab city restaurant at 6: pm in 30-10-2018. Firstly, The relation between all stuff as a family and understanding the ideas and helping each other for improving our self to encourage our students and improve the rank of ishik university. The …

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Top students honoring

Law department has a willing to stay in top by hard work (social and science) activities. Our target is student encourage them by knowledge and build social bridge between us. On the other hand, law department organized on Thursday 1-11-2018 at 11:00 am in hall (401) respectful ceremony to top students by grades for (first grade, second grade, and third …

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Class representatives were elected

Law faculty students voted for their class representatives. From each grade there were two candidates. In first grade Hawkar Akram and Ramzi Othman were candidates. At the end Hawkar Akram was elected as a representative. In second grade Ahmad Suleyman and Usama Srur were candidates. At the end Ahmad Suleyman was elected as a representative. In third grade Dilshad Jabri …

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