work shop for Mr. Mustafa Bingol!

Law faculty of Ishik University organized a work shop for Mr. Mustafa Bingol, Academic Staff in Law Faculty entitled writing a report in order to write an effective paper. On Thursday, December 14, 2017 an internal workshop was presented, describing the steps while writing a report thesis. Statement should be in the first paragraph and one of the most important …

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Law department had a work shop!

On Thursday, December 14, 2017 Law department had a work shop with presence of Academic Staff and lectures in room 321, the internal work shop presented by Dr. Emad Fatah Ismail. The workshop titled as “article (7) from Iraqi Criminal Law”. This a sequence of seminars which are presented weekly in Law faculty.

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Seminar For Dr. Abubasit Karim!

Under the name of the compulsory and the optional data in the commercial transfer in the Iraqi law law faculty held and internal Seminar. On December 14, 2017 law department in Ishik University organized  internal Seminar for Dr. Abdulbasit Karim Mawlood Academic Staff in law department for students and staff.

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“Though our branches growing in different directions, our roots remain as one”

Law Alumni were welcomed back at Ishik University in the Annual Alumni Reunion on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Alumni Office and Law department arranged a reunion for recent graduated students of law department class of 2017. The aim of the event was for showing loyalty from the university to them and vice versa also, strengthening friendship ties with each other …

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Job Vacancy

Research Assistant Contact:  Law Faculty will employ Research Assistant. Please download the related form from the link below and send e-mail to the contact e-mail above or visit Ishik in person with a hard-copy of filled form. Regards, Academics Application Form

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Young Lawyers Tasting to Defend the Innocent

  لة ميانةي كارو ضالاكيةكانمان دا لة كؤليَذي ياسا زانكؤي ئيشك ,هةلَساين بة ئامادةكردني دادطايةكي ويَنةيي (المحكمة الصورية) . بة سةرثةرشتي (ليوا دليَر ئاكؤ) كة تيَدا لة شانؤطةريةكي سةرنج راكيَشدا باسي لة تاواني كوشتن كرد بةشيوةيةكي بةرجةستة, وة ئةركةكاني ليَكؤلةر لة ئاشكراكردني تاواندا. شايةني باسة قوتابيةكي زؤر ئامادةييان تيَدا هةبوو, خؤشحالَي خؤيان دةربرِي وة زؤر سوثاسي ليوا دليَر و ستافي …

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The Moot Court Club Performed The First Activity

لة ميانةي كاروضالاكيةكانماندا لة كؤليَذي ياسا زانكؤي ئيشق هةلَساين بة ئامادةكردني دادطايةكي ويَنةيي (المحكمة الصورية) بةسةرثةرشتي دادوةر (عبدالباسط عبد اللة) كة تيايدا باسي لة ضؤنيةتي دادطايي كردني كةسيَك كرد كة تاوانبار بوو بة دزي كردن(السارق), دادطايي كردنةكة بة شيَوةيةكي بةرجةستةبوو وة تيايدا دادوةر عبدالباسط رِؤلةكاني ئةنداماني دادطاي دابةش كرد بةسةر ئةم قوتابيانةي خوارةوة :- سةرؤكي دادوةر ———— عبدالرحمن صلاح دادوةري …

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