IYLEP Seminar

The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program alumnus were at Ishik University on October 17, 2018 to give a presentation about how to apply to the IYLEP program which is a fully funded program by US Embassy that sends undergraduate and high school students to the United States of America for cultural and educational purposes.

IYLEP is a program that takes students from all over Iraq to America to educate them on the American culture, to enrich their imaginations, to improve their critical thinking and the ability to develop themselves. Two of the alumnus are students from our university Suraiya Mohamed Ahmed from ELT and Mahmud Fadhel from Business and management are from UG 2017. Karem Dizayee which was our guest today as IYLEP alumni, as well to talk about the program and give more details about how to apply. In the end all the speakers were very happy to talk about IYLEP their experience and they were very glad to talk about it.

Student Deanery of Ishik University is always open to welcome all of the public and private organizations and associations. We try to be a source of hope for our region to help humanities and make the world a better place to live.

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