Ishik University Visited Prison!

On 15th March, 2017, Ishik University with the corporation of Kurdistan Save Children Organization and Ministry of Social Affairs donated blanket and cloth for children who live in prison since their mothers are in jail. The collected money by means of the students of Law Department and dean of students was used in that purpose. Hence, Law Department and Deanery of Student organized a ceremony for those children. During the ceremony Dr. Huseyin Cakillikkoyak hasade a speech and underlined that the future of this country is our children who we are required to take care of them. Law Department Students, lecturers, representatives of Kurdistan Save Children and representatives of Ministry of Social Affairs presented the gifts to the kids. There was 35 kids in there. The gifts were a blanket and two set of cloth for each kid. They were very happy for that and they were so grateful to our students for their gifts. Miss. Avan General Director of the Prison thanked Ishik University Students for this invaluable and unforgettable social activity.

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