Ishik University Delegation in Potsdam University, Germany

Ishik University is working on a project entitled ‘Religious and Cultural Diversity in Kurdistan’ funded by DAAD, within this context, a group of academicians from Ishik University, Salahaddin University, and Catholic University participated in a fifteen-day exchange program in Potsdam University, Germany.

They also attended two-day training courses on Quality Management at the Centre for Quality Development under the supervision of Michaela Fuhrman, Director of Quality Management Centre, and Coaching for Postgraduates in Graduation School with the supervision of Dr. Heike Kuchmeister, Director of Potsdam Graduate School. In addition to the seminars and workshops about religious and cultural diversity.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş, Director of IRO, had a meeting with the director of IRO of Potsdam University for the further collaboration of staff and student exchange programs. Vice President for International Affairs, Alumni and Fundraising of Potsdam University hosted the delegation in his office, and they negotiated about the possible exchange facilities.

Furthermore, a panel open to public entitled ‘Religious and Cultural Diversity in Kurdistan’ was held on September 24, 2018, and Mrs. Emine Bala, Director of Social Affairs and Guidance at Ishik University, gave a presentation with two other staff from Salahaddin and Catholic Universities. Ultimately, sightseeing to the ancient sites and museums were also significant gains of this fruitful program.

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