Three lecturers from different departments (Mr. Aws Yhya, Mr. Musa Ameen and Mrs .Arzu Khabibullin) got accepted in winter school held by Potsdam University in Germany for the Junior researcher during the period March 11th -16th 2019.


Potsdam University in Germany with its highly successful and professional staff hosted a 5-days very intensive and efficient “Winter School” program, where 19 participants from different countries such as France, Iraq, Prague, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey were invited.

The program included many areas of teaching in Higher Education, mainly focusing on the pedagogical formation and online teaching in particular. The program involved active practical sessions held by professors and trainers from different countries such as America, Italy, Germany and Singapore, where the benefits of online teaching, its implementation along with the preparation of online teaching scenarios and ways of making these scenarios more successful by using different tools, like “Linkr”, “Kahoot”, “Zoom”, etc. were discussed.

At the end of the program, our lecturers got a certificate of appreciation for their contribution.