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Students and Academic Staff from 4 universities met in an international conference at Ishik University

In a collaborative project sponsored by the German DAAD, International Relations Office in Ishik University hosted 16 students and 8 academic staff of Potsdam University from Germany in Kurdistan Region for nine days. The delegation was welcomed in Sulaimaniah by Prof. Dr. Ahmet ÖztaşDirector of IRO. They visited all four City of Kurdistan Region (Sulaimaniyah, Halabja, Erbil, and Duhok). They have toured the mosque, church, and the temple of Ezeidyans, Kakaeyi, etc.

The Students and Academic Staff participated in a two-day International Conference on April 02-03, 2018 entitled ‘International Conference on Science Management- Religion and Diversity,’ that brought students and academic staff from 4 universities, Potsdam University in Germany, Ishik University, Salahaddin University and Catholic University-Erbil. The primary goal of the conference was to promote religious diversity, and inter-religion dialogue explored ways to increase the role of universities in achieving that goal.

As part of a more significant project to promote religious diversity and university education, the four universities collaborated in the arrangement of this conference. Some students and faculty staff from Potsdam University in Germany, meet with students and academics from the three mentioned universities in the Kurdistan Region. The conference which was held at Ishik University’s Education building, created a venue for dialogue and critical discussion of the most debated topic today both internationally and especially in the volatile Middle Eastern societies. Most importantly, the issue of religious diversity is one that should concern scholars and academic venues in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

In some panel sessions attended by both faculty and students, very lively discussions were held during the two-day conference. Topics such as ‘religion and violence,’ religion and migration,’ ‘religion and diversity,’ ‘good academic practice,’ ‘student’s perspective on teaching’ and some other topics were discussed.

To link the theoretical discussions with the real life, the German delegates accompanied by delegates from the Kurdish Region will go on a two-day tour to the historical and multi-religious areas of the Kurdistan Region in Duhok and the Nineveh Plain. The tour will include visits to Christian and Ezidi holy sites in both Amedi, Lalish, Alqush and surrounding areas.

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