Iranian Consulate visited Tishk International University

The Iranian counselor, Mr. Murtadha Abadi, visited Tishk University on Thursday January 17, 2019. He was warmly welcomed by his esteemed host, Chairman of the board of trustee (and acting president of Tishk International University) Dr.Idris HadiThe director of our International Relation office; Prof. Dr.Ahmet Oztas also attended the event in a supporting role.

Dr. Idris Hadi spoke about Tishk International University and presented a list of significant university achievements from inception to date.

During their meeting they discussed the MoU agreement that Tishk had signed with 8 Iranian universities to collaborate for future mutual benefit. This will help the students to participate in programs set out in the MoU agreement. In the future all parties will share knowledge, experience and culture through participation in conferences and events cohosted by Tishk University and The aforementioned Iranian University group. Mr. Murtadha was enthralled by Tishk International University events held during the last academic year(s) including the gratitude to martyrs’ and graduation ceremonies. He also stressed that he would welcome an opportunity to personally participate in next year’s events (2018-2019).

Mr. Murtadha mentioned that they were ready to initiate exchange knowledge and information exchange programs while creating new opportunities for further academic, cultural, and scientific programs.

At the end, Dr.Idris Hadi presented an appreciation award plaque. Mr. Murtadha returned the generosity of Dr. Hadi by giving a small gift while thanking him at great length for his true hospitality.

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