In a field-trip to Qushtapa Refugee camp near Erbil, second-year students from the International Relations and Diplomacy department at Tishk International University met with the camp management and toured through the camp where Syrian refugees are settled.

The visit took place on May 12, 2019، were second-year students accompanied by staff from the department visited the camp and observed the humanitarian circumstances of the refugees settled at the camp. The camp is run by the Barzani Charity Foundation who kindly assisted the TIU students and staff through the camp and had a constructive discussion at the camp management office.

The visit was aimed to assist students with a practical understanding of the concept of humanitarian assistance studied as part of their major ‘Human Rights’ course. Also, the field-trip was aimed to enhance student’s practical skills in their field of study. The students were able to meet face-to-face with refugees from the camp and to gain a first-hand insight into the real world of conflict-refugees settled in the region for a few years.

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