Information about Proficiency Test

Admission Regulations to Ishik University
1. The candidate must fulfill all the conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Education of Kurdistan,

2. Since the language of education at our university is English, the conditions for studying at university for the first year students are as follows:

A. The candidate must present an internationally accepted original document result such as TOEFL (60), IELTS (5) or PTE (40) – shows that he/she has the minimum English score from exams,

B. The school officials must submit a certificate for students who has graduated from English language teaching institutions, stating that the student has received all upper secondary education in English,

C. The candidate student has to be take the Ishik University Proficiency Test.

What is the Ishik University Proficiency Test?
C.1.1. It is an international standardized examination that includes speaking, reading, writing and listening parts and measures the candidate student’s language proficiency,
C.1.2. In the proficiency exam, candidates’ success is evaluated according to the following:

> Reading ability 20%, Writing ability 30%, Speaking ability 30%, and Listening ability 20%,

C.1.3.The exam is free and the exam application is made in the student affairs department of our university,

C.1.4. Exam results are given and announced by Prep School within 3 days to the student affairs section and candidates can learn the result from the student affairs.

Evaluation of Proficiency Exam:
After the proficiency exam:

50% of Wezari Exam English Language Score and 50% of Ishik University Proficiency Exam Score decide upon the language level of the student who has enrolled at Ishik University.

1) If the average is more than 50 (see the third rule), the student moves into the first year.

If the average is lower than 50 (see the second rule), the student has to study at the Preparatory School of the University, but he/she has to complete one year of English education successfully. After that he/she can study as the first class student in the relevant department.

2) If the student’s Ishik University English proficiency exam score is lower than 50, he/she can move the first year of the related faculty but he/she may be enrolled in the first class but it is essential to take the 1st Semester GEN 100 – Foundation 1 and 2nd Semester GEN 102 – Foundation 2 courses. Additionally, he/she must be absolutely successful at the end of the both courses.

3) If the student’s Ishik University English proficiency exam score is higher than 50, he/she can move the first year of the related faculty but he/she does not have to study Foundation English course.


Click Here to View the English Proficiency exam sample
Click Here to download the English Proficiency exam sample
Click Here to View foundation regulations [Kurdish version]
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