ICDL course

Ishik University announces the opening of ICDL courses.

International Computer Driving License ICDL is an internationally recognized qualification that enables people to certify their practical skills in the most commonly used computer applications to internationally recognized standards.

The ICDL courses are implemented according to strict quality assurance standards and suitable for a wide range of skills with modules. it enables companies to use technology more effectively, leading to increases in productivity and competitiveness while ensuring operational objectives are achieved.

The student with ICDL certification and ICT skills enjoy the enriched educational experience and will be better prepared for life, work and further learning. ICT skills enable teachers and students to use technology more effectively in the teaching and working process, thus achieving educational goals more efficiently, and in doing so save time and increase productivity in the classrooms

Now the registration period is open, Students, Academic and Non- Academic staff can register their names in the link below.

ICDL Course Registration

For further information please contact us:

Email: halal.abdulrahman@ishik.edu.iq

Mobile no. 0750 549 1766

Ext. no. 1111

Room no. 258


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