During ICABEP 2019 conference round table discussion “Future of Kurdistan Higher Education” held at Mariana Hotel 11 April 2019 at 18.00.

During the round table, experts from different specializations shared their thoughts on Accreditation, Bologna Process, and Quality Assurance issues of Kurdistan Higher Education. Experts from Poland passed their insights to counterparts in Erbil.

Meeting minutes of Round table event at Mariana Hotel:

Dr. Fatih Cura, Dean of FASE gave opening remarks regarding the future higher education system in the Kurdistan Region and requested all participants to introduce themselves.

Dr. Idris Hadi, Head of Board of Trustees explained issues related to the educational situation of Kurdistan in the past. Infrastructure was collapsed due to war and rebuilt 15 public and 19 private universities as of now.

Dr. Idris Hadi explained about quality education at TIU, adapting BOLOGNA PROCESS, ISO 2008-2015, and ZEVA accreditation. As a minister of higher education in 2006, he implemented a strategy related to education under UNESCO and various joint programs with other countries’ universities. The main focus was made on transforming the medium of instruction from Arabic to English in the region. Arab League of Universities accredited law department. TIU is trying for Institutional Accreditation from ZEVA. TIU is aiming to become a member of UNESCO. TIU has more than 58 MOUs from different countries.

Dr. Idris requested dignitaries from Europe to share their experiences on BOLOGNA PROCESS.

Prof. Konoski from Vistula University shed light on their university, accreditation (EURO STAT, HUMAN RESOURCE EXCELLENCE WORK AND Institutional Quality Accreditation).

There are nine accreditation programs across Europe and Vistula is part of leading journal PERSPECTIVES and they hosted programs in partnership with the journal.

Dr. Waldemor, from the University of Schzen, shared their experiences related to BOLOGNA process. Interdisciplinary studies are emerging in Europe and the Bologna process is difficult. Many accreditations confuse educational institutions and quality is created through international bodies who provide accreditation. He emphasized on students’ choice after their graduation.

Mr. Adam Sulich shared his experience regarding BOLOGNA process and raised issues on a point system (IMPACT FACTOR AND CITATIONS).

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim shared his thoughts on BOLOGNA process where the Kurdistan Region is trying to focus on teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning and improve entrepreneurial skills among students.

Dr. Ahmet Demir raised issues on external auditing systems as corporate culture and educational institutions focus must transform from theory to practical knowledge in all disciplines.

Dr. Fatih Cura emphasized on EPAS accreditation process of faculty of administration sciences and economics which properly keeps the system to improve the quality.

Dr. Chomik explained the reasons for educational institutions in going for accreditation. Institutions go for accreditation to improve their value in the educational system and attract students. Alumni’s success in terms of placements is one of the criteria. Labor market demands curriculum for students.

Dr. Dilshad Hamad raised the issue of accreditation and institutions must strive towards imparting the culture of accreditation standards.

Dr. Margosha shared her thoughts on the implementation of BOLOGNA process which needs a strategy. It helps cooperation among many universities and student mobility among EU will be easy. The institution may get some grants by joining BOLOGNA process.

Dr. Idris shared the strategy of TIU related to BOLOGNA process and conducted a survey to understand the needs of society and designed programs like petroleum engineering, mechatronics, and some other programs are under evaluation. TIU tries to reduce the scientific gap between the Kurdistan region and the world by working on many projects to help the society and student community.

Round Table meeting started at 6.00 PM and adjourned at 7.30 PM on 11th April 2019.

Venue: Mariana Hotel

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