During ICABEP 2019 there were three keynote speakers shared their insights with the audiences. And They were received many curious questions from the participants.

Professor Waldemar Tarczyński from Poland presents one of the keynote speeches in the second International Conference on Accounting, Business, Economics and Politics (ICABEP 2019).

On April 10th and 11th, 2019, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics of TIU held its second annual International Conference on Accounting, Business, Economics and Politics (ICABEP 2019). The conference was a collaboration between TIU and the University of Szczecin in Poland. One of the keynote speakers of the conference was Professor Waldemar Tarczyński.

In the 30 minutes that followed, he presented a paper entitled: “Is It Possible to Earn Money on The Warsaw Stock Exchange? New Approach to Risk Diversification”. The presentation was then followed by a discussion between the Chair of the Session, Dr Hawraman Ali of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy (TIU), and the presenter. Subsequently, questions were taken from the audience before the session came to an end.

Prof. Dr. Wawrzyniec Konarski is Professor of Political Science (2005) – with post-doctoral degree (2002), currently professor at the Vistula University in Warsaw, formerly at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (2010-2017), Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities (2005-2011) and University of Warsaw (1980-2010) ; Poland; Ph. D. in political science (1985). A scholarship holder of the Finnish Ministry of Education (1991), a graduate of the Summer Institute in the American Political System (Washington D.C., Philadelphia, 1995), and a research fellow of the International Salzburg Seminar (Salzburg, 1996).

Prof. Konarski’s specialization is on systems of government, political parties and political leadership. His keynote speech was on                                                                                                 “Language as a Vehicle for Ethnopolitics. Introduction and Selected Exemplification”.

3rd Keynote speaker, Dr. Chomik Slawomir is Doctor at practice and had different management positions in several famous pharmaceuticals companies through the Europe.

Sławomir Chomik M.D., PhD MBA – Entrepreneur. Managing Partner of seed MRC VC fund in life science, Warsaw, Poland  (Specialization, The pharmaceutical executive with full P&L responsibility across multiple geographies in the EU and CEE) His Paper Title is “An impact of digital technology transformation on health and social care system”

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics is delighted to report that overall the conference was a major success, as it resulted in over 75 submissions of abstracts to the conference, from both local and international universities and institutions. Further, it provided an excellent opportunity for the researchers to exchange their views and discuss their researches.

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