Hunar Salay Photography exhibition Nature of Kurdistan

On December 18, 2018, Hunar Salay photographer of Ministry of Education opened a photography Exhibition about the mesmerizing nature of Kurdistan. The gallery started 10:30 am by a speech of the Chairman of the board of trustees and acting president of ISHIK University Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, he mentions the importance of such events to raise the awareness of the students and promote more of eco-friendly actions to keep the nature of our dear Kurdistan immaculate. It contained 30 photos of the different places of Kurdistan nature, and they were presented in the entrance of the main building. The distinguished administrative staff of our university was toured around the gallery with Mr. Salay, telling the stories behind each picture, and providing information about the location they were shot.

The Staff and the students were amazed by the pictures of the bewitching nature of our Kurdistan. One of the things that were so special about this gallery was that the photos depicted the nature of the different parts of the country with its different seasons.

We appreciate and show gratitude the hard works and efforts that were put in by all of the volunteers and staffs that were engaged in organizing this event.

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