A friendly visit to Chaldean Diocese church

“Building a peaceful community and living together” was the message of Ishik University in a friendly visit to Chaldean Diocese church.

On January 09, 2018, a delegation of Ishik University in the presence of Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, Head of Board of Trustees and President, with the member of Board of Trustees visited Mr. Bashar Matti Warda, archbishop of the Chaldean Diocese of Erbil in Erbil, Ankawa. They discussed about Education generally in Kurdistan Universities and especially at Ishik University. Dr. Idris presented the Plaque of Appreciation to Mr. Bashar Matti.

Ishik University becomes the place of gathering people and students of different faith and living together in harmony. Ishik is one of the top successful universities in Kurdistan Region, a lot of students came from the different area, nationality, and faith.

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