Student Deanery of Tishk International University organized a food fundraising event on November 12, 2019 with the great contribution of our students and staff from all the faculties of our university for enriching the Mercy Corner #Rojava.

The event started at 10:00 am by cutting the ribbon and all together had a tour around the event. Mr.Timothy Fisher, General Partner & Global CEO of Stirling Education and some delegations with him were a guest to this event.

The aim of this event was to collect the donations and financial support for those displaced people who came from Rojava and at the same time to enhance the sense of humanitarian work along our TIU society.

The interest of the food fundraising project was very high. The students and the staff of the university have participated hand in hand by bringing homemade food, sweets, traditional foods, juice, etc. and then they have sold them in our campus. Nearly 4000$ were collected from the fundraising since all income will go to the Mercy Corner #Rojava project.

We are so proud with our students and staff for their great donations and contributions for such kind of humanitarian project.

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