Mission & Vision


The Department of Mechatronics engineering aims to be a leader in providing the highest quality of undergraduate education available in the region. In addition, the department seeks to provide students with the fundamentals (theory and practical) necessary to advance in the profession in response to changing technology and development expectations. Mechatronic Engineering trains its students to have strong theoretical and practical expertise; outstanding communication and teamwork skills; and invaluable entrepreneurial and business experience. Committed to developing the next generation of innovative high-tech leaders, we value creatively, integrity, innovation, and excellence in our teaching methods and industry engagements. In other words, our mission is:

  • Provide goal-oriented, quality-based and value-added education.
  • Establish state-of-the-art laboratories to promote practical knowledge of Mechatronics to meet the needs of the society.
  • Inculcate communication skills, leadership, ethics and strong entrepreneurship among students for their sustained growth through teaching and learning process.
  • Prepare effective and responsible graduate to pursue higher studies and research for meeting global requirements by providing world-class facilities.


We are fully focused on being a world-leading research and educational mechatronics engineering program with an emphasis on practical-oriented training, rich industrial partnerships and dynamic entrepreneurial intelligence. We will continue to foster this approach through increasingly multidisciplinary methods and a highly engaged research faculty. Our Vision is to impart knowledge based on an inductive pedagogical approach to the students to enhance the creativity and confidence to make the budding Mechatronics Engineers blossom into entrepreneurs, scientists, industrialists, academicians and technocrats which in turn lead to the prosperous society.