Head’s Message

Dear All

A warm greeting. I would like to welcome you to Ishik University for the academic year 2018-2019. You have chosen an excellent department and you now become part of talented students within the Ishik University campus for its academic excellence, energy and creativity; and I am highly proud that you choose architecture engineering department for making your life carrier.

The Student Handbook will acquaint all the aspects of ishik University to the students. You will find the necessary information within these pages, including our policy governing the academic sphere in our university. As a part of our university, you are now engaged in both personal and academic responsibilities so that becoming a model of performance for others at all times, so I kindly request that you review these rules in detail.

I will definitely have the opportunity to talk to you at any time; my department door is always open to welcoming you. Thank you for choosing Ishik University. I hope your year ahead is both challenging and successful and full of achievements…

Assist. Prof. Dr. Azad Hama

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