There may be no more classes together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t gather again. On Wednesday, November 29, 2017, the ELT Department and the Alumni Office of Ishik University hosted a Reunion Event for the Class of 2017. The Reunion Event was held to reunite former friends and lecturers who have known and been together for last four years, to relive memories that would last forever. Alumni students were so excited about the event. Despite all the precious moments, activities and speeches there was a photo slideshow presented to take them back into their delight moments.

The event was appreciated by the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Education Dr. Suleyman Celik, the Head of ELT Department Mr. Pashew M. Nuri, ELT lecturers, Research Assistants, and Dean of Students Members. The aim of the event was to build a better relationship and strengthening ties with the university graduates.

The event started with a speech by Mr. Pashew M. Nuri followed by the Alumni Representatives, and lecturers. Student also took a chance to talk about their life after college, the impact ELT has had on their life and their education, that along with their memories and nice stories on campus for the last 4 years. The event ended with a photo story video of the class of 2017 students.

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