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The Best Class in the World is at the Feet of an Elderly Person


Third grade students from ELT department paid a visit to elderly home in Erbil; On 16 December 2015 the aim of this visit was to see the elder-lies’ condition out there. The students served lunch to the elderly and they were extremely pleased with our visit. It was an emotional experience and the students had the chance to witness those people’s personal lives including their suffering and sad stories as well as the happy times .The students claimed that the visit was essential for them because they could have the opportunity to realize how other people live misery and grief in their lives .The students also reported  “we are regularly complaining about our lifestyles and never satisfied with what we have ,but after we witness those people sorrow our point of views for life is totally different” . The aged were contented and thrilled by our visit and they plead to visit them again.

Ishik Home