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Protein Synthesis Activity

According to publications, understanding Molecular Biology is one of the challenges that students face globally. The sophisticated mechanisms of cell and proteins needs extra class activities and performances. In order for the students to get clear idea about what happens in the cell. The students of the Third Stage in Department of Biology, performed a play activity where they built up a huge cell model in the main entrance of Faculty of Education and acted in a theatre like panorama to show the process of protein synthesis in the cell. The event was organized and supervised by the Cell and Molecular Biology lecturer (Dr. Karzan Mohammad) with some enthusiastic students. The motivation and eager to understand drove the students to perform very well and they had good fun throughout the practice and along the day of the performance. The event also included poster and model presentation for many globally concerned topics including cancer, apoptosis, cell cycle and cell division. Students were knowledgably ready to explain each of those posters and models for the audience and visitors.  Nevertheless, during the event day, winner students of the second grade who won the edible model competition were awarded their certificate of winning by the head of Biology department

(Mr. Aydin Col).

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