Useful Links

The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty.

Most recent published values for constants with uncertainty, bibliographic search for original research articles.


A Century of Physics Timeline

Clickable timeline with brief explanations of historic physics events from 1890 to the present.
History Exhibits/Selected Great Papers

Online exhibits on Curie, Einstien, Transistors, Lawrence, Heisenberg, Sakharov, Thomson. Famous papers by Franklin, Joseph Henry, Michelson, Rowland, Gibbs, Millikan, Compton.
Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens

Biography, online experiments for falling objects, projectiles, inclined planes, pendulums.
Galileo Project

Biography, information on science of Galileo’s day, student projects (click on “Library”)
Einstein’s Big Idea

Biography, interactive exhibits on time dilation, light speed, science history.


Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Original documents by Copernicus, Galileo, Bacon, Descartes, Voltaire, Newton, Franklin, Harvey, Vesalius, Preistley. Some links unavailable.


Annenberg Media
Mechanical Universe 52-part series (videos approximately 20 – 60 minutes long). On-demand video, requires fast computer connection.


Internet Archive (Physics B/C)

Excellent introductory minutes-long videos for most physics subjects. Click on chosen lesson; to start video, click on “Click here to begin lesson” found in upper left corner.

Free database to create teacher website and grade book.


Dolores Gende Homepage

Personal teacher page with traditional labs, innovative projects (equilibrium mobiles, lawnmower science), and great resources.


The Physics Hypertextbook

Online book/workbook under construction. Many topics missing, but what can be found is generally high quality. For practice problems and high quality worksheets, click on “Problem Sets,” choose a topic, and browse pages to find “worksheets.”



Science partnership information. Search lesson plans, activities, and labs. Search categories very specific, but some results are commercial.


The Physics Front

Search engine from ComPadre. New teacher focus


Physics Central

Physics news, Ask a physicist, How things work.


Physics Teaching Technology Resource

Videos of traditional demonstrations. Click on side menu after selecting category.


PASCO Physics Online Experiments

Traditional labs to be used with Pasco equipment.


National Science Digital Library

Web search, General science focus.



Search for upcoming TV shows about physics (check Mythbusters)


Low Cost Physics Activities

Traditional labs and worksheets for the low-budget teacher.



Free simulation programs (Circuit Construction, Masses & Springs, Radio Waves and Electromagnetic Fields, Wave on a String, Balloons & Static Electricity, Gas Properties, Balloons and Buoyancy, The Moving Man, Sound, Projectile Motion).


We have a book as a gift for the first student (physics student) who sees this note….send an email to this address: , write your full name.

Physics Life interactive program to discover physics in the everyday world, Physics Evolution clickable map, Equation toolbox, Common questions, Careers.


The Physics Classroom

Tutorials, On-line textbook.

List of Nobel prize winners by year. Click under winner’s name in lower right corner to access other resources, including online tutorials and games regarding the winner’s work.



Extremely thorough concept map encyclopedia, calculators for common physics problems.

Fear of Physics

Visual physics, homework help, answers to common questions. Be wary about giving this link to students – the “homework help” section has calculators for multiple common physics problems, possibly resulting in cheating. It may be a good review or problem checking tool, however.


Flash Animations for Physics

Very catchy flash applets (physics and mathematical processes)


Computer Animations

Applets of physical processes and famous experiments. Not seemingly appropriate for showing to entire class – images not big enough.


US Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Grade-appropriate worksheets about types of energy and conservation


Amusement Park Physics

Tutorials about roller coasters, carousels, bumper cars, free fall, pendulums, and ride safety. Activities include Design a Roller Coaster (and receive a safety and fun rating), and Colliding Cars prediction quiz.


Exploratorium (Skateboarding)

Conceptual physics behind skateboarding tricks


Mr. Fizzix Trebuchet Project

Integrated lessons on trebuchet physics.



Tutorials, Build a Transistor game.


Optical Illusions

Fun optical illusions with explanations, but not much physics.


Music Acoustics

Physics of various instruments, hearing test.


American Institute of Physics

Career information, online history of physics exhibit hall, Physics Education


Project of Physics


Interactive Physics and Math with Java


British and American* pronunciation:

Converter of English text to IPA phonetic transcription will translate your English text into its phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet.


Active Learning





Harmony facebook:


Math STEM—on/math-demos


Science STEM—on/ms





Physics – ALL



Simulations can help understanding

Help to visualise mathematical concepts and physical phenomena. Not necessarily a replacement for “real” demonstrations.


Physics = Life


Kurdish Physics Website


Physics of the Universe


Tutor 4 Physics