Earth science: A workshop on Rocks and Minerals Identification

 On the 3rd of April, 2019 the Department of Physics organised a scientific workshop on rocks and minerals identification, as it is a core course for the 2nd-year students. The workshop was presented by Mr. Zahid Mohammed Omer from the Department of Geology of Petroleum and Sediments, Duhok Polytechnic University and Mohammed Hazem Awn Al-deen, a 4th-year student at the Department of Applied Geosciences, college of Spatial Planning & Applied Science, University of Duhok. Students got a great opportunity to see different types of rocks and they learned important identification techniques of elements and minerals that make up the rocks. At the end of the workshop, the presenters have awarded certificates from the Physics department, Faculty of Education. Finally, the Physics Department would like to thank all the efforts done to make this workshop success.

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