About Department

About the Department

Welcome to the website of the Physics Education Department at Ishik University. Physics is the most fundamental of the natural sciences. It is the parent science of biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, and medicine. For this reason, a basic level of physics is required by anyone who wishes to study any science subject or mathematics.
Our students are expected to learn physics at a level higher than what they encountered at high school, learning the basic concepts. Students wishing to pursue physics after the first year will find numerous modules being offered by the Department.
The physics education curricula at Ishik University provide preparation for the potential physicist as well as a solid background for students in the other sciences. A student majoring in physics will study, Earth science, computer, and programming sciences, astronomy, or environmental science, etc. Other opportunities include teaching at high school level and working in a business that involves modern technology, and other careers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.